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Eduwits digitally transforms your institute by putting all the key stakeholders – students, guardians, teachers, and admin department into a unified platform. Managing administrative processes and students’ performance, along with generating insightful reports is now just a click away.
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Key Features

After investing hours of dedication and efforts, Eduwits developed a highly interactive platform for all its stakeholders that they can access from anywhere, anytime. Providing all-around features for everyone is our motto.

Curriculum Plan

Eduwits provides a complete curriculum plan for parents to keep a regular check on child’s academics.

Rewards & Recognition

To motivate the teachers and recognize their contributions.


Surveys help in keeping a check on every aspect of the school management.

Important Days

To get the regular updates of the important days crucial for the students.

Parents Corner

A separate feature for parents to get those notifications that are important for them.

Hall of Fame

A place to post the student’s achievements with approval to boost their morale.

Message Centre

A 2-way communication between the school and parents.

Youlars Shield

A Suraksha Kavach for the students designed for sending them safely and securely.


To showcase your school’s achievements, there’s a special segment to display them.

Leave Management

Managing day to day leave requirements (apply, approve, reject, modify and manage all your leaves)

Why Eduwits ?

Eduwits integrates your school management with robust ERP software that solves all your recurring problems and helps manage them efficiently. We are a trusted partner with a next-gen solution for your institutes!
Youlars shield is the feature that focuses on the safety & security of the student’s commute. The guardians have to enable this feature in the app and the Suraksha Kavach is all set to go. Enable this feature and ensure your child’s safety.
This feature focuses on providing motivation to the teachers by providing recognitions and awards to the best teacher. It also helps the school management in retaining their staff and making them give their best, throughout the year.
Parents and teachers can easily interact with each other regarding their child’s progress. The relationship between students, parents, and teachers are boosted with efficient communication through Eduwits’ software.
As a next-gen solution provider, Eduwits provides separate solutions for all on one dashboard. Parents can track their ward’s progress & fees due dates; & educators can track their student’s performance & manage their leave approvals.
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One System, One Dashboard

Having all the things you want for your next-generation institute is just a click away from the concept of “One System, One Dashboard”. This will enhance your connectivity between the parents, teachers, & students and will yield better results.
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Decision Maker

Features for Parents/Students

Accessing all the crucial information on one dashboard is now easy with Eduwits School ERP Software.
Single App Use

One app for classwork, homework, quizzes, attendance records.

Certificates & ID Cards

Get all your ID cards and certificates at one click.

Recorded Lectures on Multiple Devices

Easy access to recorded lectures on any device.

Online Discussion

Discussion between parents & teachers is now simpler & quicker.

Report Centre

Tracking down your child’s report is simplified with regular updates.

Fees & Reminder

Getting timely receipts and reminders regarding future fees submission is helpful.

Features for Teachers & Management

As teachers, having instant access to track students’ performances and academic reports or as the management, having a keen eye on financial data & reports becomes streamlined when you partner with the distinctive feature of Eduwits.


Teacher’s retention & recognition

Recognizing & awarding the teacher regularly will result in higher-retention

Teacher’s Efficiency

With automation of tasks, teachers’ efficiency is also increased.

Effective Decision Making

This feature helps in making effective decisions regarding the school’s welfare.

Partnering with Other Educators

Eduwits provides an option to partner with other educators, other than the teacher, in case the student’s concept remains unclear


I have been using Youlars app as a parent and Edulars as a teacher. Youlars provides transparency in communication, ease of use, and loads of exciting features which keep me engaged as a parent and my children love it for day-to-day activities. Features like Hall of Fame, Youlars Shield, and quiz make it unique and engaging.
Edulars on the other hand is the first app designed for us as teachers and school administration, that I know of. Edulars allows us to track day-to-day activities, manage work staff load and also manage day-to-day operations like student communication, attendance, and leave management. Overall extremely satisfied with these 2 most used apps on my phone.

Pooja Verma
Incharge, YS Genxt School

Eduwits has helped us in keeping a track of all the activities of the entire staff. Usually, I am not a very tech friendly person and I was sceptical about how will I get my hands on this app but it has proven to be easy to use and I have been able to manage the tasks of my staff in a much easier way. Using Eduwits has made the tasks of all reporting managers effortless and unchallenging

Vinod Verma
Incharge, YS College

Edulars is a wonderful tool for Educators. It has helped us in managing all kinds of tasks assigned to employees, in a systemic way. It has also helped our HR Department in systemizing Leave Process by employees. I would say it’s must to have App for all kinds of organizations.

Bimmi Puri
Principal, YS School

Greetings of the day!!
I, Kusum Principal of YSP would like to thank you for your efforts made on Edulars and Youlars APP. All the modules are very effective and beneficial for our Scholars.
HALL OF FAME is one of them that is used to share their creativity and it makes them so confident. My personal favourite is The COMPETITION module, by this they are up to date for each and every competition and results, makes it very exciting for students.
COURSEBOOK enables parents and students to connect with school for Homework and Classwork.
We really appreciate the way you designed all the modules.

Kusum Sharma
Principal, YSP School
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