Curriculum Plan & Real Time Stress Assessment
Manage Workload
Adhoc Tasks Management
Daily/ Weekly Schedule

Full calendar view

School Records
Online Attendance, Real time interaction with parents/ students
Interactions and Brand Security
2 Way Student teacher interaction which can be controlled by Admin
Online leave management
View, Apply, Cancel and Modify leaves on mobile app
Real time notifications to teachers/ employees
Increase Usage
Leaderboards/ Gamifications

Let us focus on your staff and teachers- Edulars

Edulars is something very different and innovative we bring to schools and administration. While most of the school ERP solutions focus on children and parents, Eduwits goes a step beyond and also brings in a focus on your most important assets: your teachers and staff.

Edulars brings in capabilities that allow staff and teachers management more effectively and make employee engagement transparent. It also provides solutions to increase staff motivation and engagement and helps organizations achieve their objectives.

From managing simple things like leave management for teachers and effective communications with staff, it also caters to more complex solutions like- staff workload management, curriculum planning, reward management, and teacher-student communications.

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Available for iOS and Android devices.

Amazing Features- Edulars School ERP App

Rewards and Certificates

It is critical to keep the staff motivated and ensure everyone works towards organization objectives. The rewards management module addresses the same subject and provides that teachers and staff are motivated and drive objectives that the organization wants them to achieve.

The rewards solution offers
– A centrally managed rewards solution (easy to build new rewards campaigns)
– Admin reward & recognition platform
– Peer to peer recognition for various staff members

Task Management

Edulars ensures you can manage the daily and weekly tasks of your teachers and other staff. It gives clear visibility on each employee engagement in an easy to view calendar.

Some of the capabilities include:
Task Management:
– Assign the task to employees
– Keep track of task completions, overdue and pending tasks
– Send notifications and reminders for every action – Self-assignment of tasks
-Capability to set estimated time of completion

Employees can:
– Accept/ Reject task
– View today’s future and pending tasks
– Mark task completions and send attachments (if required)
– Escalate to focal points for any conflict
– Have a view of all completions, rejections and task ratings
– Negotiate metrics like expected time taken, ratings etc.


Taking roll calls in the class has never been easier. Teachers can open the app and very quickly complete the attendance task. It provides an option of absent or present and includes attending online for the new age schools. The same attendance is reflected in students app in a real-time and an auto message is sent to parents if the child is absent

2-Way Communications with students

At times, we understand; teachers need to communicate directly with a specific student or group. Edulars make it easy to select which students (or a group) are targeted for particular messages, and the teachers quickly send them. However, to ensure security and compliance, the message needs to be approved by the admin before its sent. Similarly, when the parent/ child responds- it first goes to an admin for processing

Leaves Management

“On left side screenshot of leaves.”

Managing leaves of teachers and staff have been an area that was never automated. We believe teachers and staff should get the same corporate experience regarding the same. Edulars brings a compelling leave management module that makes managing staff leaves- easy, transparent and fun.

Some of the key features include:-

Leave application: Edulars makes it very easy for staff and teachers to apply for leaves using the mobile app. The team can apply for a full day, half-day, or 1/3rd day leave. The staff can also choose on the type of leave (casual, medical or any other kind)

– Approval/ Rejection: Once the leave is applied, it goes to the manager for approval/ rejection, and appropriate reasons can be provided
– Cancellation: Teachers and staff also can cancel leaves in case their plan changes
– Leave Balance: They also have clear visibility into leaves taken and balance available
– Reports: Monthly reports are made available, which can be used for payrolls and other functions

Curriculum Plan

We will change how the curriculum is built, tracked and completed by bringing automation into this space. This module combines best-of-breed technology, years of our education experience, and getting practical learning to the front.

Stay tuned for this space- we promise this to be super exciting.

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