All Communications
Coursework, Homework, Worksheets, Notices etc.
Certificates, Badges, Extra Curricular
Online Quiz, External Competitions
School Records

Results, time table, Attendance, Important Days

Visitor/ Guardian Management, Emergency Details, Login Management

2-Way interactions with teachers and staff, Surveys, Student Absent Notifications

Hall of fame, Photo Gallery, teacher feedback, school feedback

Fees Management, Parents Corner, etc.

Overview of Youlars app

Youlars has been built keeping in mind the Next Generation Schools and children. Youlars is a one-stop solution that caters to both online and physical schooling requirements. Youlars have brought in features that are needed for any School to become Progressive School by bringing one complete School ERP platform and beyond. While it covers basic requirements for school interaction with parents and students, ie 2-way communication, timetable management, conducting online quizzes, surveys, sharing documents like worksheets/ homework, etc., many new next-generation features make it unique. The Youlars shield ensures we go the extra mile to ensure child safety and data safety. Similarly, the Hall of Fame is a highly engaging feature where even parents can share their children’s little/significant achievements. School can also share achievements using the achievements section. We have made communications easier as well, it is no longer a one-way communication, and parents can have constructive 2-way interaction with the schools. And while we bring all these game-changing capabilities to you, we ensure that the school’s reputation is protected at every stage. Try a free demo of the Youlars mobile app today! Available for iOS and Android devices.

Amazing Features- Youlars School ERP App

2-Way Communications

Youlars makes it extremely simple for schools to interact with parents and their wards. Amazingly it also lets parents respond and raise their queries from the same platform. While all communications require admin approvals, we have made it simple for teachers to respond to students/ parents directly, and similarly, parents can respond as well.

We also divided critical communications into various sections to make them easy to manage and respond to.

Some of the key areas are:
– Notices: Any specific communication about the school, specific class, or any other relevant information to be sent to parents/ children
– Coursework: Easily share homework, classwork, worksheets and many other class related documents here
– Events: Anything exciting happening at school? Let’s share it here so that everyone is aware and ready
– Competitions: Why not have a separate placeholder for any forthcoming competition. Students are super excited to have a quick peek here
– Message Center: this is the place where parents and schools can interact 2-Way. Here all the 2-way communications are stored

And while admins and teachers (after admin approval) can share all amazing stuff here, they can also mark/ color code if something is urgent (more important), set reminders to resend, and auto resend. Amazingly the parents can also respond, which will be managed by the admins.

The Youlars Shield

Student’s safety and school reputation are linked. Youlars brings students safety at the centre of our development strategy. Youlars shield focuses on the safety & security of the student’s across all aspects e.g. Commute, visitor management, the safety of app and getting school contacts at the click of a button.

Some of the amazing features include:
– Visitor Management: Parents can manage who can visit (or pick up) the students from school. They can approve or reject such requests with a click of a button
– School Contacts: In an urgent need, you find all the relevant information about the school and whom to contact if in an urgent need. All this very easy to access
– App management: We understand Youlars is critical for day to day communications, however, we also ensure parents know who is accessing the app and in case its not them, they can revoke access very easily

A Picture worth thousand words

We understand engaging parents on a school ERP is critical but challenging as well. We believe the various sections around images have made it easier for us. Youlars has seen engagement rates increasing every day when schools start speaking in pictures. Even better when parents also communicate in pictures. Again, to make it easier to manage, we have divided this into three sections: Hall of Fame, Achievements, and Photo Gallery. What’s more, it is even more engaging as parents can post it to social, respond with emojis like clap, like, love, etc. This truly helps in enhancing engagement rates.

The three sections include:
– Hall of Fame: What better than letting the parents share their children’s minor and significant achievements with everyone in the school. From little things like growing a plat to achieving excellence awards (outside the school), parents love to share it with one and all. Once the admin approves, Voila- it’s there for everyone to see. To top it up, we let others appreciate the cute-looking emojis. Children/ parents are so happy seeing this recognition
– Achievements: Achievements at school are equally crucial as achievements outside. Schools love to share children’s accomplishments on the amazing Youlars app. What more- parents can not just view, they can also share it to social to highlight their children’s achievements
– Photo Gallery: It’s also about daily activities in the school. Why just achievements- we also let schools share there day to day activities in the photo gallery, which parents can view and appreciate. This can also be shared on social very easily and helps in branding for the schools

Day to Day @ School

Youlars ensures you don’t miss out on each day’s of action at the school. We have divided this into three sections as well, namely: Important Days, Time Table and Attendance. Some capabilities are mentioned below: – Time Table: easy access to every day’s classes and the teacher associated with a click of a button. It is divided on each day of the week and students can access and day of the week easily – Attendance: Intuitive and graphical way to check your child’s attendance, days of absence and public holidays during the month. Next Generation schools require attendance to be segregated into- Present in class, Present Online and Absent. Also, a message is sent if the child is absent into the parents’ corner – Important days: One-stop access to have a quick view on forthcoming important days. It could be a public holiday approaching, a school function or an exam schedule

Quiz and Surveys

Youlars makes it more engaging for parents and students by making quizzes and surveys- easy to build and share. Additionally- Youlars allows parents/ students to respond to these quizzes and surveys within the app in a time-bound fashion.

Admins can easily set up these quizzes and surveys and share them with parents and students. They can also send reminders and update deadlines. Reporting makes it transparent to understand student performances over a period of time

Certificate Gallery and Results

Youlars makes it easy to share a child’s progress through certificate galleries and results. These are on stop locations to share child’s progress graphically and in images

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